注明:Peter Wang 是王培忠先生,天津同鄉會的創會會長


昨天上午第一次聽到天津濱海新區的爆炸消息時,我只以為是一般工廠小事故。但當我看到圖片之后的微信圖片后,驚呆了!震驚過后是痛心,擔心。我是地道天津人,濱海新區有我許多親友。 我先是給濱海新區的姐姐通電話無人接聽,于是馬上發發語音微信。 幾小時后才得知,她的住處損害嚴重,不僅門窗被爆炸沖擊波震掉,連室內連冰箱的門都被震壞。 之后在濃煙與灰塵中,她們迅速用毛巾掩面逃出住處。顫栗中驚魂未定姐姐、姐夫相擁淚流滿面,慶幸還活著! 一句“活著真好!”道出她們心中的無法表達的驚、恐,悲、喜。自己的家短時間內不可能在住了,她們目前已搬到安全的地方。姐姐只是許多濱海新區居民之一,還有許多同樣命運的老鄉正在經受這突如其來的打擊與煎熬。 但她們畢竟還是幸運者。 想到還有一些永遠沒有機會表述自己感受的鄉親,特別是那些為挽救生命財產獻出寶貴年輕生命的消防官兵,自己無比悲痛。你們是天津的自豪,我們為你們驕傲! 天津永遠記住你們,中國永遠記住你們!

我這幾天正巧在多倫多,因此馬上與天津同鄉會董敏會長、溫哥華海河聯誼會孟凡建會長其他天津朋友聯系。大家連夜開會共商海外海河兒女如何與家鄉父老一起救援的方案。 天津市政府相關部門(統戰部,僑聯,僑辦)特別是天津僑聯副主席陳鐘林女士也及時向大家通報救災工作。今天上午看到加拿大總理通過華人媒體向天津發出的慰問,我突然想起加拿大的通過紅十字會操作的國際救援基金。如果加拿大政府同意啟動這個專項基金,那么就會對大家為天津的募捐提供等額度的配比捐款。汶川地震,海地地震都是這么做的。 因此,今天上午馬上給加拿大紅十字會寫信請求啟動為為天津災區捐款基金。 以下是我的信,剛剛發出還沒收到答復,我會進一步跟蹤。

大災難面前天津人向世界展示了堅強團結的性格,也展示戰勝困難的決心與勇氣。相信海內外天津人會同舟共濟,眾志成城在政府與全國人民的幫助下渡過難關重建家園。 天津濱海新區爆炸牽動每一個海河兒女的心。我和大家一樣想盡自己的微薄之力。


From: WeCare [[email protected]]
Sent: August 13, 2015 3:14 PM
To: Wang, Peter
Subject: RE: Request

Dear Mr. Wang,

Thank you for your e-mail. We do not currently have a fund specifically for the explosions in Tianjin. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the first response is handled by the Red Cross Society in the area. If the level of response required is beyond what the single Society can handle, an international response is requested. To this point, no such response has been asked for but we are monitoring the situation closely.

However, one of the best ways that donors can help support our work in responding to emergency relief operations is through a donation to the International Disaster Relief Fund. The fund provides a vital lifeline to survivors by allowing us to rapidly respond within the first hours of an emergency – before we have time to collect money from supporters. The fund also helps to support over 40 disasters around the world every year that do not make the media headlines. Should an international response be requested for Tianjin, this fund is the first place donations are sent from to the area in need.

You may donate or read more about this fund at the following link: International Disaster Relief Fund

Thank you for your support of the Canadian Red Cross. You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.


Gillian Wright
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From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Aug-13-15 11:20 AM
To: WeCare
Subject: Request

Canada Red Cross

To whom it may concern:

Massive explosions hit China's northern city of Tianjin yesterday. While the situation in Tianjin disaster zone remains fluid and details are yet to emerge, it is clear that the massive explosions are devastating and the scale of aftermaths is beyond comprehension. It is feared that hundreds may have perished and many people lost their homes.

As an immigrant from Tianjin, it has been heart wrenching to watch explosion images and hear first hand stories from my fellow Tianjin friends and family members. They need assistance/support to cope with the disaster and many Chinese immigrants are willing to help in our best capacity! It is comforting and heart warming to learn that Prime Minister Stephen has made an official statement in this regard. However, I hope and believe that Canada can do more.

I am writing to request Canada Red Cross set-up a designated disaster relief account accepting donations which will be matched by the Canadian government through disaster relief funds. I am happy to be a liaison as necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should I be of any further help.

Thank you for your assistance.


Peizhong Peter Wang, M.D., Ph.D

Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Memorial University of Newfoundland

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